Its All About Music (IAAM Radio)

The Broken Stools

Click the cover to learn more About The Broken Stools are a new and upcoming band, with a goal to start a movement in the music scene, mixing elements of rock, post hardcore, and even jazz, bringing new found intensity and trained music theory/concert band experience to the stage. Description … Continue reading

Violent Faith

Click the cover to learn more About Violent Faith Recently formed in 2010, and released their music to the active scene in 2012 now almost a year later in 2013 we are starting to look for cross country tour to be a part of to help get our music to … Continue reading

The Jackobins

Click the cover to learn more About The Otherside OUT NOW !!!! SoundCloud Twitter Instagram Biography The Sound of Confusion – “It’s massive; a gargantuan behemoth of deep and powerful vocals, guitars that sound as though they’ve been living on a diet of protein shakes and LSD…We wouldn’t advise … Continue reading

Back to R’lyeh

Click the cover to learn more About “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” Artists We Also Like Tinnitia, Jardín de la Croix, Toundra, Atomgrado, Eternal Storm, Under Vultures, Killem, Beast, Obsidian Kingdom

No Guerra

Click the cover to learn more About Contacto x Shows: Ribera Julia (0054) 11-2460-3529 Biography No Guerra, banda formada en los comienzos del año 2000 en el barrio Santa Catalina de la zona Sur del Gran Buenos Aires, en sus principios con una formación … Continue reading

Head 13

Click the cover to learn more Bio Head 13 began life in Liverpool, UK in early 2011. After the usual rock band clichés of personnel changes, musical differences, chance meetings in bars and debilitating injury, the guys decided to dive right in and began by writing, recording and releasing their … Continue reading

GBMI – Guilty as Charged – Outta the Asylum

The following review is provided by: Click the pic to visit the blog Guilty But Mentally Ill is a band from Detroit Michigan. This is a song from their album Outta the Asylum, very impressive sound considering the fact most of todays music is overdone in production I am … Continue reading

Subject Seven

Click the cover to learn more About UK Metal band. Hard hitting, driving rhythms with melodic punchy vocals. For Booking and Gigs Contact Formed in 2010 Subject 7 have moved from strength to strength with a gig history of over 200 venues nationwide and have take to … Continue reading


Click the cover to learn more About Dethroned started as a side project created by Matt Gausel (ex I Am Waves,) Jesse Pinto, and Brendan Eagle. Fed up with the lack of a local music scene in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area, Dethroned came together to revive the interest in heavy … Continue reading


Click the cover to learn more About Saille was founded by keyboardplayer Dries Gaerdelen in May 2008. Wanting to create the music he was fond of (symphonic black metal with a threatening feel, in the style of Tartaros, Limbonic Art and Keep of Kalessin) Dries started writing several songs of … Continue reading

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